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Weddings are a big luscious feast nowadays. Wedding cakes are no more the post-wedding choice. The couples are looking for alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.  Big cake tiers are substituted for other delectable desserts. The moreish wedding tidbit sweet afters is a sweet treat for the wedding guests, these not only satisfy the sugar cravings of the guests but they also add a personality to the wedding ambiance.



Whether you are a no cake person or simply want something different to celebrate your special day there are myriad alternatives to the traditional nude multi-tiered wedding cake. These allow flexibility and versatility in term of flavors, decoration, quantity, and quality. Wedding dessert ideas are for the couples who love mouth-watering desserts and want to treat their wedding guests with something new and fresh rather than a wedding cake. Get ready to satisfy the sweet cravings with these flavorsome wedding cake alternatives.



The true comfort food upscale goes with oatmeal cookies and cold milk. Your weddings guests will love the combination of cold milk and oatmeal cookies. These sweet and cold pick-me-ups will refresh your guests later in the evening when they need something to re-energize. You can also serve coffee choco chip cookies, Almonds and pistachio cookies with milk, whichever suits your taste.



Airy light and refreshing chocolate moose is a crowd-pleasing sweet course at the wedding after the heavy and hearty meal. Chocolate moose is fun to eat and easy to serve and come at an affordable price. The heavenly taste of the mousse will make your guest eat it again and again.



This European inspired ring-shaped cake will be a surprise for the guest. It is a great wedding dessert selection. Give your guests the freedom of cutting their own cake by keeping one on each table. You can also use it as a centerpiece to give the wedding ornamentation a quirky touch. Chocolate, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, apple are just a few endless flavor palette you can put into a bundt cake.



Everyone loves to have a doughnut. Glazed, frosted or plain doughnuts are the favorite puds after the main course. You can ask your baker to design you doughnuts according to the wedding theme or you can ask him to display them in tiers with a cake tier top. The doughnut wall is the latest dessert idea in the weddings. The wedding guests will talk about the vim idea long after the wedding. Doughnut wall is the perfect wedding cake alternative.



Cupcakes are the most well-liked wedding dessert idea after wedding cakes.  Crisp on the outside and soft in the middle cupcakes are delightfully deceiving treat. These lilliputian cakes are easy to serve and have multiple flavors. Cupcakes are a fantastic palette for all sorts of artistic, clever, beautiful, and creative ideas. Single serving cakes can add up to the big-time presentation.



Cake pops are easy to eat and look super cute on display, they are a small little-decorated cake served on a stick. Cake pops allow you to experiment with a number of flavors and their decoration. Color coordinate these cute pops with the wedding color palette. The fun-size portion of the pops will push your guests to try more than one flavor. These pops will be the highlight of the dessert corner.



Ice cream sundaes are resplendent go-to wedding cake alternative. Wedding guest can concoct their own sundae according to their taste and need.  You can have a number of flavors and confections to make the ice cream sundae more pleasing and palatable. Ice cream sundaes are perfect for a summer wedding and your guest will love the choice of the wedding dessert alternative. Beat the summer heat with sweet frozen food. Some ice cream flavors of the upcoming wedding season are blueberry, coffee hazelnut, peanut butter.

Make your big day a grand feast for you and your guests and celebrate your day with the sweet essence of love and warmth. Hope these wedding dessert ideas will satisfy the sweet cravings and urge to have something different in place of traditional wedding cake. 

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