Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 11,2018

There is something charismatic about summers, it’s the most gorgeous time to tie the knot. High wide blue sky and sunlight unbroken by clouds are captivating and breathtaking. Lovely warm nuptials sing out for festivity and bright colors. Cakes are the heart of wedding. Summer wedding cakes call for glaring color palette, light & cool cake ornamentation, seasonal flowers, and foliage, seasonal fruits.

Look out for our, “summer wedding cake trends 2018” and celebrate togetherness. Each of our summer wedding cake is as mouthwatering as the next.


White wedding cake with geometric details is one of the most elegant approaches in the summer wedding season 2018. White and golden hues on the wedding cake add a touch of sophistication and urbanity to the delectable dessert. The perfectly delineated metallic finishing on this geometric glory makes it look worth millions. There is no need of extra decoration with such a precise finish on the wedding cake.


The confetti carnival is the fun and stylish addition to your wedding reception. The edible square wafer paper (golden, hot-pink, black) confetti is the vim element of this mouth-watering dessert. The golden petal dust along with alcohol shines brightly with flashes of light. The hot pink edible confectioner’s leather finished glazed giant bow on the wedding cake makes it look marvelous.  


The simplicity of the individual parts of the wedding cake focused attention on the harmony of the whole structure. Hand-painted floral pattern with a detailed creamy nude base on the wedding cake is the fresh approach in the summer wedding season 2018. The huge pink shaded blooms on alternate tiers of the hand-painted harmony are the beautiful indicator that sun-soaked summer has arrived. The amalgamation of geometrical design on the middle tier with textured swirled strokes of buttercream is the match made in heaven. 


Random swirled yellow ombre single tier wedding cake with an extremely large fondant fantasy sunflower on the cake top is a free and crazy addition to the summer wedding season 2018. The tiny hand-painted sunflower dainty detail on the cake baseboard is the favorite part of sunny sunflower. The yellow sunflower on the top added a bit of cheer in the wedding cake. Yellow ombre and sunflower are the perfect combos for a summer celebration.


This deceptively simple elegant blue lagoon summer wedding cake is apt for the summer beach themed wedding 2018. It is the perfect nod to beach themed wedding without going too far. This dainty cake with light and dark aqua blue shades and edible star look no less than a stunner. The white color of the cake provides the perfect contrast to the simple but an eye-catching design. For beach theme lovers this cake has it all.


These mini individual summer wedding cakes are palate pleasing showstopper. White and pink edible rose flowers are a refreshing summer wedding season treat 2018. Flower decoration technique is an easy approach to the cake decoration. Tiny-winy individual cakes with rose tops show the perfect balance between elegance and beauty. The green foliage adds a bit of romance to the mini cakes. If you want to change the flower of the cake you can ask your baker to do the needful.

Hope you find this information helpful. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

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