Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake that Suits Your Style

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 07,2018
BF Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

Planning a wedding is a tedious job, so is the selection of the dream wedding cake. Every couple wants their dream wedding cake to be as special as it can be. From budget selection to cake design everything has to be in alignment.

Our, “quick to-do list for choosing your dream wedding cake” is all you need to end your search for a selection of your dream wedding cake.



Budgeting is the foremost step of any to-do list. You do not have to go out of the way and your pocket to choose your dream wedding cake. One has to be realistic about the in-curing cost of the cake. Compare prices of different cake vendors and then accordingly order your dream wedding cake to the vendor that suits your budget. Feel free to consult your cake vendor how you can get the cake of your choice in your allocated budget for the cake and find alternatives to high-priced cake decor and flavors that match your taste and style. Come up with several workarounds and order your dream wedding cake within your budget.



After budgeting the next important step in to-do list is to select the baker for the dream wedding cake. Try to choose a baker which you think can help you with your dream wedding cake in terms of flavor of the wedding cake, design of the wedding cake, size of the wedding cake, and color palette of the wedding cake in your decided budget for the wedding cake. In short, select a baker that will suffice your sweet tooth and aww struck your wedding guests. Communicate your needs to the baker so that he/she can bake your dream wedding cake as per your imagination.



Size of your dream wedding cake is directly proportional to a number of guests at your wedding reception. Every wedding couple wants their dream wedding cake as big as possible but the lilliputian cute wedding cupcakes also do wonders if the wedding guests are limited. It is always not important that you order those lavish multi-tiered cakes if the guest list is small. The multi-tiered gigantic cakes will look out of sync if the guest list is limited. The above cake serving guide will help you to select the size (according to the shape) of the wedding cake as per your wedding guest list.



The most important part of wedding cake is its taste and flavor. The wedding cake flavor should be the amalgamated taste of both bride and groom. You can also experiment with different flavors and base sponge for your dream wedding cake. Flavors of the cake should balance out each other if you are going for a multi-flavored wedding cake. Some recent cake flavor combo trends for the wedding season 2018 are Banana base and chocolate buttercream, coconut base and lime buttercream, hazelnut base and chocolate icing with raspberry filling, vanilla base and lemon buttercream with blueberry filling.



Dream wedding cake color palette should be glamorous and whimsical. The color palette of the wedding cake should complement your wedding reception day decor. One of the latest cake color palette for wedding season 2018 is ombre effect, having your cake hues take on an ombre effect is an artful design style. Yellow and lavender ombre are top selected hue effects this wedding season. Some other color palette combination on top of the chart are Orange for rustic weddings, marine blue for spring weddings. The black color is the talk of the town which suits every wedding cake.



Design of the cake to an extent depends upon the theme of the wedding. From gorgeous modern geometric designs to ultra-traditional designs, choosing the wedding cake design is reflective of wedding duo own unique style. From huge towering tiers to mini cute little cupcakes the options are endless. Modern wedding cake designs are crazy and cool. Design detailing like metallic flourishes, geometric art, ombre palate, edible fondant flower and foliage, mini figures, watercolor, calligraphy art, stained glass, fruit decor make the cake design look worth millions. One should balance the cake wedding design with the wedding theme to make both look complementary to each other.

The above to-do list will surely help you to select your delicious dream wedding cake. 

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