Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 20,2018

Cupcakes are a popular trend for wedding celebration around the globe. Cupcakes are itsy-bitsy dollops of heaven that make love to your cakehole. They are more of a decorative feature for the wedding guests to eat . The fine details of these tiny cake makes all the difference. Wedding cupcakes are an overwhelming option for couples looking to wow the guests. Wedding cupcakes can be sui generis and fad-setting. Cupcakes mean that each guest gets their separate cake. These tiny sweet bombs double up as a dessert as your guests get them to eat along with reception cake. The couple that wants something different from traditional wedding cake as a dessert, Cupcakes are a fantastic choice for them. Exotic Wedding Cupcakes are being livened up with a splash of color and are the perfect tempting dessert for the wedding.

When it comes to designing wedding cupcakes, it never hurts to look to the season for artistry especially to do something creative. Seasonal inspiration is very useful in picking up the color scheme, detailing of the dessert and flavors. If you’re looking for an Exotic Wedding Cupcake, you’re in luck, Get your sweet tooth ready, because the SeasonalExotic Wedding Cupcake Trend 2018 inspired by seasons are here-



Summer is the apposite time to mix up many flavors, giving your guests a dizzying savor to please their sweet cravings with gusto. Edible hand-wrought flower & foliage decoration is one of the exotic wedding cupcake summer trend 2018. Flowers are an exotic decorative feature on cupcakes this summer with a greater emphasis on foliage. They give a fresh and summery look to the cupcake. Roses, Poppies, Freezia, Gerbera, and Tulips looks delightfully beautiful in summer on wedding cupcakes. Circlets of olive leaves or sprigs of eucalyptus as foliage take center stage. Use metallic shades to highlight small details on your wedding cupcake. Cupcake designs are getting more and more intricate and so too are the range of flavor options you can choose from. Jazz up the floral decoration with vanilla, pineapple and peach flavors to create an extremely beautiful and mouth-watering dessert. Naked and buttercream finished cupcakes will always be well liked in the summer season.



Spring is such a pleasing time to get married. Swipe your chalky confection for Vibgyor (rainbow spectrum) which is one of the exotic wedding cupcake spring trends 2018. Use Edible watercolors, edible inked fondant, dyed buttercream frosting, lively motifs, dazzling blooms, and foliage, to incorporate oodles of fun-loving hues into your wedding cupcakes. Mark our words us when we tell you that edible watercolors will be the big wedding cupcake trend in spring 2018. Your guest will be wowed by these vibrant cupcakes. Pearl embellishments create a perfect look for spring wedding cupcakes. Try berry filling like strawberries or raspberries in spring wedding cupcakes. You can also try a blueberry compote to fill the inside of the wedding cupcake and complete the spring look of your wedding cupcakes with edible flowers and edible colorful butterflies.



Winter season is becoming popular to get married and they can be utterly romantic and magical. In winters there are no better cupcakes than a snowflake wedding cupcake, these snowflake wedding cupcakes will leave all of your guests in awe. Edible frosty music sheet on wedding cupcake is the bang on exotic wedding cupcake winter trend 2018. You can capture mother earth exoticism for a glittery wedding cupcake, the light sparkling icing wedding cupcakes look simply spectacular. Seasonal floral patterns and glittery gold frosting add a flare of glamour to the cupcakes. Chocolate and orange are the flavor winter wedding cupcake trend 2018 trend. Pine tree branches and blue cherries dusted with icing sugar on wedding cupcakes gives a romantic feeling of having a snowfall. Some of the mouth-watering and classic flavor combinations for winter wedding cupcakes are Chai Tea & Honey Buttercream, Vanilla & Coconut, Peppermint & Chocolate, ButterAlmond & White Chocolate. These unexpected flavor contrast will be loved by your guests.



Autumn is a lovely time to tie the knot. With a cornucopia of festive motifs & patterns and seasonal flavors, the winter wedding cupcakes can be both beautiful and tasty. Wedding cupcakes with oak & the owl flowers are undeniably enchanting and will be the exotic wedding cupcake autumn trend 2018. A smattering of berries on cupcakes makes them look rustic. Purple color edible blooms keep the cupcakes simple yet seasonal. Edible dyed fondant Dhalia, Lilies and Orchids give a seasonal look to the cupcakes. Edible pumpkin miniatures are a fun addition to the autumn wedding cupcakes. Give the earthy touch to your cupcakes by metallic brushstrokes. Pumpkin & Cinnamon combination is the flavor winter wedding cupcake trend 2018. Apple and Honey makes a deadly toothsome combination and will be loved by your guests. Pops of pink flowers and dripping caramel gives an ingenious look to the wedding cupcake.

Here is all that you need to know about the seasonal wedding cupcake trends, save these seasonal wedding cupcake trends and make your big day special and memorable. 

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