Wedding Cake Inspirations For Wedding Couples

Author: yashovardhan sharma on May 17,2018
bf Wedding Cake Inspirations For Wedding Couples


A lot of things that can inspire you to the designing of the wedding cake; however, the best way to get abundant ideas of cake designs is through Instagram and Pinterest. When the designing of a wedding cake is concerned, the much-needed thing is to get updated with the latest wedding cake inspirations. Social media platforms are the perfect way to get updated with the latest wedding cake inspirations that will allure your guests at the wedding event.

In order to cut down the research time, we have come up with the compilation of some super awesome cake inspirations that will go well with any kind of wedding theme. From fruitcakes to fondant painted cakes, we have mentioned an array of modern cake inspirations that will add some sweet flavor to a simple wedding.


Wedding Cake Inspirations

Ruffled Cakes For Romantic Couples

Added details to cake always enhance the overall appearance of creamy cake, so it is advisable to add more and more details to cake to make it look more lively and attracting. Ruffled cakes are the best example of detailed cakes and these are the cakes that are catching a lot of eyeballs. Therefore, go for this cake trend if the drama is needed in the wedding event. These ruffles create a drama to the simple cake and piping technique and fondant style would grab eyeballs and add a romantic vibe to any wedding theme.


Fondant Painted Cake For Fairytale Lovers

Hand-painted wedding cakes are the truly unique kind that will attract a lot of couples. This kind of cakes is mostly picked by those people who are more inclined towards art. So, these cakes are specially meant for art-lovers or even this work for those who are looking forward to some colors to their simple wedding. From stripes to colorful buttercream flowers, these painted cakes look scrumptiously delicious and catches eyeballs because of the intricate work is done on them. Cake art can never fail to make their space in the wedding, so include this trend to flaunt your style and class.


Buttercream Cake For Beautiful Couples

Butterly delicious buttercream cakes could never go out of the trend. These naked cakes have inspired cake designers to do some modifications to them. Nowadays, the cake designers have added hand-finished tiers with a complete fondant style covering of handmade spiral texture to them. These cakes look quintessentially elegant and for added on-trend style, simply add a buttercream beading edges to each tier of the cake. Apart from this, there are many more things that can be added to it just to make it look more stunning and delicious.


Last Words

As of now, the latest wedding cake inspirations have been revealed through this post, so any couple who looks forward to searching the best wedding cake inspirations, it is advisable not to look further as the most common and trending cakes have already covered in this post. Just in case, more cake inspirations are needed to have a look upon, we are here to help you out.

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