The London Fashion Week 2021 Is Coming This September

Author: Saumya Published on : Sep 13,2021

bf The London Fashion week

The women's fashion wear runway show kicks off in September 2021. Bridalfusion presents an expert guide to the show, the brands, and all the buzz going around the upcoming spring-summer 2022 collection season.


The London Fashion Week 2021 will be held from Thursday, September 16 to Tuesday, September 21. The event focuses on showcasing the best of fashion for men and women. In contrast to the June event, the London Fashion Week 2021 September event will be held digitally and physically. 


Mixed with industry experts and some of the best designers around the globe, the Spring-Summer collection for 2022 will be iconically displayed at the event that focuses on the latest trends. 


The event was previously invite-only. However, the British Fashion Council deemed the event open to all, allowing you to be inspired by the latest fashion trends from top designers at the London Fashion Week 2021.


About London Fashion Week 2021


The fashion week event will be presented by Clearpay, organizing a gender-neutral event for September 2021. It currently includes 105 global designers, showcasing the best fashion with 41 physical and 69 digital events, considering the Covid-19 protocols. 


The physical events will take place in the form of presentations, catwalks, and other appointment-based listings. In addition to this, there will also be nine morning and evening in-person events. Moreover, 95 designers will activate their profiles off schedule. 


The London Fashion Week 2021 digital platform is the official digital hub that anyone can access freely worldwide. 


Responsibility and Sustainability


Known for its creative endeavors, innovations, and edgy culture, the London Fashion Week will curate excellence and empower growth. All of this will be displayed by showcasing exceptional designer fashion-forward talent. 


The international fashion event also focuses on the significance and joy of responsible and sustainable fashion. This is in line with BFC's (The British Fashion Council) Institute of Positive Fashion mission that focuses on encouraging the best practices in fashion and future decisions of the industry. This year, the event encourages consumers to play an integral role as changemakers and create a better world by leading the fashion industry toward a sustainable future. 


Celebratory Events 


To celebrate the event's comeback, especially in its physical form, The British Fashion Council will celebrate the relaunch. The celebrations are going to be held citywide, all across the capital. They will also take some measures to make British fashion accessible to consumers by supporting retail businesses to get back on their feet due to the impact of Covid-19. The London Fashion Week 2021 will open to new communities and newer audiences, with significant events open to all. This will also include events in partnership with retailers, businesses, and other cultural institutions. 


What to look out for?


Many exciting young talents are presenting their collection this season at the London Fashion Week 2021. Some have opted only to present their Spring-Summer collections digitally. In contrast, others have decided to showcase their designs on the runway. 


You should look forward to a few presentations - Saul Nash, KNWLS (formerly Charlotte Knowles), Yuan Wang, Stefan Cooke, Nensi Dojaka, Eftychia Supriya Lele, and more. 


You should not miss out on live events like Simone Rocha, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, Rejina Pyo, Erdem, and Richard Quinn. 


Designers like Richard Malone, SS Daley, Sonia Carrasco. Cos And Marques Almeida are going to set the ramp on fire with their fashion-forward sustainable designs. 


Vivienne Westwood, Nicholas Daley, and Matty Bovan digitally present their collection at the London Fashion Week 2021. Margaret Howell, Molly Goddard, and Halpern are going to be hosting the events with in-person appointments. Though, Burberry still has not confirmed its event presentations of any kind. 

There is also a new addition to the event with a newly minted TikTok show space on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. 


At the London Fashion Week 2021, you will also get a chance to - 


- Explore top designers' digital showrooms that display their upcoming Spring-Summer collection 

- Learn about emerging trends and designers, as well as established designers, through the DiscoveryLAB videos 

- Attend the in-person events, shows, and presentations, including the much-awaited presentations from Noon by Noor and Toga

- Enjoy the evening ramp walk shows by impeccable designers like AADNEVIK.


London Fashion Week 2021 schedule



The London Fashion Week 2021 will be a gender-neutral event, showcasing a burst of new and inspiring talents. There are, of course, going to be established names as well.


You can discover the full schedule of the event on the official website.


Thursday, September 16

06.00 pm – Conde Nast College B.A. Fashion Community

06.00 pm – Equilibrium: AETER SS22 Launch party

06.00 pm – Roberta Einer Event

06.00 pm – Local Goes Global Pop-up

07.00 pm – The House of Hammam Presents


Friday, September 17

10.00 am – SAUL NASH

10.30 am – HALPERN

10.30 am – ROKER


12.00 pm – BORA AKSU


02.30 pm – RIXO

03.00 pm – HELEN ANTHONY

04.00 pm – NANCY DOJAKA

05.00 pm – TIGER OF SWEDEN

06.00 pm – MARK EAST


08.00 pm – RUE AGTHONIS private dinner



Saturday, September 18

08.00 am – NOON NY NOOR breakfast

09.30 am – ROKER

09.30 am – EDELINE LEE

11.00 am – YUAN WANG

11.30 am – ANNA MASON

01.30 pm – FEBEN

02.00 pm – MOLLY GODDARD

04.00 pm – KNWLS

05.00 pm – DAVID KOMA

06.00 pm – LABRUM LONDON


07.00 pm – 16ARLINGTON

07.30 pm – L SAHA 

08.00 pm – A MOON viewing party


Sunday, September 19

09.30 am – BLOKE

09.30 am – ROKER

09.30 am – EDELINE LEE

11.00 am – EFTYCHIA

12.00 pm – ROLAND MOURET

05.00 pm – REJINA PYO

07.00 pm – S.S. DALEY


08.30 pm – AADNEVIK



Monday, September 20

09.00 am – SUPRIYA LELE

09.30 am – ROKER

09.30 am – TOGA

11.00 am – ERDEM

12.00 pm – ROKSANDA

01.00 pm – STEFAN COOKE

02.00 pm – PAUL & JOE

03.00 pm – OSMAN

06.00 pm – SIMONE ROCHA

07.00 pm – FASHION EAST



Tuesday, September 21

09.30 pm – ROKER

01.00 pm – PRONOUNCE

01.30 pm – HELEN KIRKUS

03.00 pm – COS

06.30 pm – EIRINN HAYHOW




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