Miami Swim Week 2021: A Closer Look Into The Fashion Event

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Jul 06,2021
bf Miami Swim Week

The Miami swimwear fashion week, the biggest swimwear and resort-wear fashion event is back with a bang! The event kicks off their latest 2021 season on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021, and runs for five days, ending Sunday, July 11th, 2021. Bridal Fusion is taking a look at what you can expect from the event this year!


The event is produced by the Fashion Icon Winner of 2021, Celia Evans, founder and CEO of Planet Fashion TV. Miami Swim Week is going to be the first full-capacity fashion show that is completely live, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. With Florida relaxing their pandemic restrictions, the event is now officially allowed to move forward! 


Timings: 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Show Schedule



Brands choosing to participate in the event are focused on a combination of cultural diversity and trend targeting. The Miami Swim Week, beginning on July 7th, will kick off with a Sip and Shop in the Miami Design District and will continue to run through July 8th with a ticket-only, exclusive celebrity/influencer dinner at the Red Steakhouse. July 8th will also see celebrations at the Shine Lai swimwear show and the Lotus House Thrifted Fashion.


The following two days, i.e., July 9th and July 10th will be the biggest days in the entire event cycle. The schedule for July 9th is power-packed with a capsule collection featuring the following emerging swimwear and resort-wear designers: 


PNDMC will start the event with Shervan McClain’s collection. Shervan McClain is the first African-American male swimwear designer to be featured at the Miami Swim Week 2021. 


Sustainable swimwear collection, featuring the following LA brands: Rys, Beau Swim, Seeker of Sunshine.


Jams by Jillian 


Hypeach, the vibrant Southern Californian brand by Brian and Marlo Hovis, is often featured in Forbes and seen on Access Hollywood. 


The German swimwear brand, Lascana, a world-renowned fashion, swimwear, and lingerie brand, will present its 2022 collection.


Ema Savahl will debut her latest collection of swimwear at the event. Her designs have been worn by celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Paris Hilton, and Tyra Banks. Her swimwear collection was also a part of the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. 


July 10th will kick off with Forever 21 featuring their swimwear collection as a part of their takeover swimwear show. The biggest influencers are going to take the runway by fire! On the same date, you can also witness the LOUD week, the Miami Swim Week Edition, celebrating Fashion for charity and Creatives of Our Culture.


To be a part of the Forever 21 event, register here



There are four types of tickets you can get to witness any of the events at this year’s Miami Swim Week. 


The VIP ticket ensures you are in the front row seats. It also ensures you get complimentary drinks, exclusive VIP party invites, a major Swag Bag, and exclusive access to the VIP lounge. 


With the Row 2 tickets, you see yourself seated in the second-row seats, with sponsored goodies, after-party invites, and priority access. 


The Row 3 tickets get you a seat in the third row at the events, with access to the runway area and some sponsored samples. 


Lastly, a General Admission ticket just gets you access to all the fun for the entire day. 


To get more information on the events of the Miami Swim Week, click here.

The afterparty 


The swimwear fashion week ends with a bang on July 11th with a PFTV Miami Swim Week Closing Pool Party. The party starts at 12:30 AM and will keep the adrenaline pumping until 5:30 AM.


Register here to be a part of the event of a lifetime. The entries start at just $25. 


One of the most diverse cities in the United States, Miami features the best of the best in their Swim Week 2021. The fashion industry in Miami leads the entire country when it comes to embracing and appreciating body positivity, different body styles, and fashion for all. The models taking center stage at the Miami Swim Week 2021 are part of a large diverse and ethnic group from different brands. The trend here is the representation of all kinds of body styles, which has been the central theme for these swim week events since 2019. 2020 did not see a full-fledged swim week, giving all of the brands almost two years to hit back with the oomph. 

Miami Swim Week 2021 Model Casting 


The Miami Swim Week 2021 model casting is happening and is true! 


As part of diversity and body positivity, Miami Swim Week organizers are always looking for new faces. You can simply send in your details along with your portfolio pictures on their official website. You can also look at agency websites connected to the swim week; they regularly hold casting calls for models. To be part of all the fun and wear some amazing designs, register yourself here

Rewinding the 2019 event 


2019 Miami Swim Week saw the trend of the “underboob.” The challenging bikini-style made its debut right here, with bikinis and one-piece tops cut away right below the nipples. This revealed the underside of the breasts, which was then named “the underboob.” Models part of the show strode down the runway with their fierce and playful looks, giving the world the tease of a lifetime.


However, 2019 was not restricted to just more skin showing; the diversity of the 2019 event was the show-stopper in the entire event. For the first time, the models walking down the ramp belonged to various body shapes and styles, along with the “traditional” model counterparts. Rounded bellies, wide hips, and other body features were a welcome addition to slender legs and models of varying heights. The trend continued for two years, with more and more body shapes and styles showing up in different advertisements and fashion considerations. 


2019 also saw Sports Illustrated giving the nod to the feminist, body-positive look, celebrating womanhood in a swimwear show. 



2019 was the year where boundaries were pushed! It was a power-packed year with diversity and body positivity being at the forefront. Will 2021 take this at yet another level? The Miami Swim Week 2021 is all set to kick off this week. Do not forget to join in on all the fun.




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