Boutonnieres are maybe tiny, But they make a big statement. Bouts add a shot of the character, personality, color, finish and texture to the groom and groomsmen’s lapels. Flowers Bouts are the traditional choice for the male brigade, guys these days can be found wearing other types of boutonnieres that are meaningful to the couple who are ready to tie the knot.


The bout is an important detail for groom’s look, The display of its arrangement is very important for the wedding. These small accessories make a great photography property. Here are some out of the box and creative boutonniere ideas to get all you men inspired.


It is wonderful to see your dress in art. These guitar lapel pins are perfect for a rustic wedding. They are a unique alternative to traditional flower boutonnieres.  These acoustic guitar bouts are for grooms, groomsmen, and Bestman. All your groomsmen will look awesome in these tiny cute guitar pins. They are a great photo prop and with these props in the frame, your wedding pictures will look simply adorable. This is the coolest thing ever and everyone at the wedding will love it.


The male brigade at the wedding will look extraordinarily good wearing these delightful looking seashell lapel pins. They will look impressive and never wilt. Seashell boutonnieres are made out of a selection of nude color shells with beads in shades of different hues scattered through. A couple of loops of rustic twine back the boutonniere giving it a lovely rustic, coastal look. Stem wrapped in the crisp satin ribbon will make it look great on any color shirt and jacket. These are a great addition to your beach wedding and a lovely keepsake from your special day.


Satin silk fabric boutonnieres are absolutely gorgeous and magnificent. Silk finished gold lapel pins are exclusively for grooms. These stunning and extraordinary bouts are for a royal wedding and look ostentatiously costly and luxurious.  The soft mix of ivory and gold make these boutonnieres an elegant and classy piece of art. Pearl brooch and crystals give them a royal and opulent touch. It is a great boutonniere idea for the grooms who love jewels and pearls.


Custom photo boutonnieres are a lovely and one of its kind way to honor a loved one on your wedding day. The photo adds meaning to the lapel pins. These custom photo bouts are charm using a photograph and adhering to a glass tile that is then placed inside a tray. After the wedding, you can continue to enjoy this charm, use it as a keychain, attach a chain and you have a custom pendant or use it as a tree decoration. These stunning work of craftsmanship is a great boutonniere idea for grooms and his men.


Mountain berry boutonnieres are perfect for a fall and frosty mountain wedding. The autumn orange and blueberries with green leaves marshall together very well to form a unique piece. These berry bouts are perfect grooms and groomsmen boutonnieres. They are a great alternative for regular boutonnieres for your big day. Mountain berry boutonnieres will definitely make a statement and awe your wedding guests.


Feather boutonnieres look simply elegant in sophisticated monochrome shades. These grey black feather label pins are perfect for a classy wedding. They will look stylish on your wedding day and will complement your attire.  The high contrast design of these pins will help your Bestman stand out from the rest of the wedding crowd. This artwork is simply of high standard and quality. They will look sharp in the wedding photos.


Peacock bouts are perfect for a spring wedding, woodland and peacock themed wedding. The orchestration of the peacock feather with blue and green colored feathers make it a magnificent piece. These picture-perfect lapel pins are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. These will make a statement piece if worn by the groom.

Most groom and his men wear a flower bout on the lapels of their jacket. Skip the traditional for all these amazing nontraditional boutonniere ideas and adorn your lapels with the unique piece of art.