How to Make the Garter Toss a Less Awkward Moment

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 28,2018
bf Garter Toss a Less Awkward Moment

The tradition of removing the garter started back in the years. It was believed that removing a piece of cloth from bride’s dress - which is garter - can be a good sign for her upcoming married life. The right to remove the garter - either from teeth or hands - undoubtedly goes to the groom’s side and we came across a quirky yet a bit awkward wedding tradition which is now popularly known as the Garter Toss.

Similar to the Bouquet Toss, garter tossing includes tossing the garter to a group of bachelors who are lined up in a linear or semi-linear pattern. According to the tradition, the one who catches the garter will be the next person to get married. This is same that happens to the bridesmaids receiving the bridal bouquet. In the end, both the bridesmaid and the groomsman who catch the bridal bouquet and garter, respectively are made to dance with each other. While bridesmaid flaunts the bouquet in her hands, the groomsman wears the garter on his head to show that he’s next in the group.

All this may sound a bit exciting for those who are open-minded and do not care about flashing a ton of skin in front of their family. But on the other side, there are couples who find the garter toss tradition an awkward moment and tend to avoid the same on their wedding. If superstitions were to be believed this tradition has a lot to do with the sexual life of the newlyweds and ignoring the same can be devastating. So, if you want to follow the tradition without making it weird, we are here for help. Know about some tricks that can help you lower the awkwardness connected to this wedding tradition.

Let’s learn what they are and how to get the benefit of the same.

Wear it way down

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If you want to avoid flashing your bare legs in front of your wedding guests - including your family members - place the garter much lower on your leg. This will lighten the whole garter tossing moment making it go smoothly.

Plan it in the evening

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Most of the wedding guests who are there just to shower their blessings on you, are most likely to leave after the wedding ceremony. This means you can have this fun-filled wedding tradition in the presence of younger guests who could be feeling pretty rowdy by then. So, plan the garter tossing tradition to happen in the late evening and save yourself from witnessing the R-rated comments.

Create a diversion

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You can actually get the eyes off your thighs by playing some smart tricks. What about some group dance performance happening on your left or right while the groom is removing the garter. This is a great idea to create a diversion leading to a fun-filled garter moment. Isn’t it?

So, these were a few ideas that can make the garter moment more exciting and less awkward. Hope this works for you.

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