3 Seriously Unique Gift Registry Ideas for the Modern Wedding

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : Feb 23,2018

BF 3 Seriously Unique Gift Registry

Are you looking for unique gift registry ideas for your wedding but wondering how to start your hunt? Get along with us and we will tell you some of the unconventional gift registry ideas that you can actually try. So, let’s get started with unique gift registry ideas for the modern wedding.

Honeymoon Funding

Instead of adding more pairs of stainless steel pots in your gift registry, ask your guests to contribute for your dream honeymoon. Create a funding website wherein your guests can contribute towards a luxurious and intimating honeymoon package for you and your partner. Honeymoon is as important as a wedding because it is the time when you get a chance to understand each other interests, likes and dislikes as a couple. It is the honeymoon period that allows newlyweds to spend some intimate time with each other. Even if you are planning to take off after a few month or days after of your wedding day, you can keep that fund separately in a bank account. This will assure you that the money is safe in some place and you can use it at the right time.

A Fund for a New Home

If you want to start a new life in a new home, ask your guests to help you buy one. Create a gift registry that imparts your thoughts and vision about the new home. Let them know that you are planning to buy a new home and would appreciate if they can contribute to the same. Seeing your dream come true would be far better than adding another pair of table line or cutlery set to your wedding gifts. So, go for it and help them make your dream come true.

Donate a Charity

Don’t feel a need to get any gift, let it go for someone that really needs it. You can donate your wedding registry funds to a charity. It can be a community, an orphanage or even an animal caring unit. Donating a charity to one of such communities will help you make a difference. Your guests would love to contribute to such noble causes and so as the recipients. Even if you do not have any specific charity in mind, take some time for research. Take help of Google or ask your friends & relatives about the same. Sooner or later, you will get to know about a lot of charity group who actually need such funds. Visit the center, talk to them, and provide funds to them for their betterment.  

Wrapping Up

The term “wedding gift registry” has evolved a lot. The main purpose of sending gifts to the bride and the groom is still the same - help them to start a new life with gifts and cash - but with time, we have seen some modifications in this trend. Wedding are getting modern and so as the gift registry ideas. Some of such unique gift registry ideas were described in this article and some other would be added to this list soon. Till them, stay connected and stay happy.

Hope this works for you.

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