Bridal showers are about preparing the bride-to-be for her new life as a wife after the wedding. In Bridal showers family and close friends join together for pampering her. Make her feel like princes and celebrate her last night before the wedding with festivity and lots of surprises. The shower list will include her and her female friends and family. A bridal shower is generally hosted by a woman that is closest to the bride and is often held in place of the Spinster/Hen’s party. 

Some naughty bridal shower gifts ideas for bride-to-be are:

The bridal shower invites should hint you into the type of gifts ask for. It is a chance to get ultra-girly, feminal and a bit naughty with lingerie or fashion accessories; and a theme bridal shower should guide you to particular gift categories. Shower the bride-to-be with titillating gifts. Here is a list of bridal shower gift ideas to get you started.



Gifting Fine silk lingerie is the perfect bridal shower gift idea for any bride-to-be. Slinky silk lingeries are sexually attractive and exciting. Let her man go wild and arouse gratification of all his sexual senses. The lingerie should fit closely to the lines of the body showing all her curves prominently make her look sensual. Every bride-to-be needs a little something sexy and seductive to slip on her first night.



One of the absolute favorite gifts for a bride-to-be is an alluring fragrance. It is said that if brides wear a new alluring fragrance during their wedding and honeymoon, their memory and feeling of that special time will be forever tied to that aroma. Some of the seductive and sexiest aromas are jasmine, lavender, sandalwood that seduces all the physical and sexual senses of a man.



Gift something ultra glamorous and amorous. Cat woman is one of the sexiest image ever.  Sexy leather kitten mask is a delightful accessory for a bride-to-be to fascinate and seduce his groom. Sexy kitten mask suits any face shape and size. The kitten mask will complement her sexy style and will be a pleasant surprise bridal shower gift idea.



The secret to being a beautiful bride is being stress-free and relaxed. The beauty fine details matter so much for a girl on her wedding day. Pamper the bride-to-be with relaxing spa treatments- Floral Foot Bath, Ritual Massage, Siamese Sole Foot Therapy, Finger Fabulous Therapy, Exotic Scrub and many more. Gift her this wonderful experience she never had before. Relaxing Spa treatments is to purify, relax and beautify her to the bridal best.



There are not many delights in life as solacing as enveloping oneself in a brand-new luxurious sexy satin lace robe, and with all the hustle & bustle and running around the bride-to-be will be doing, slipping into a comfortable wrap at the end of the day will be a strain alleviating necessity. A newly bride-to-be can’t have enough quality plush woven robe on her bridal shower. 



Women and makeup go hand in hand. Every soon to be bride need a red-hot lipstick in her vanity, so contribute to her future newlywed makeup collection through your bridal shower gift. Nothing looks sexier than wearing a hot red lipstick on the first night. The bride-to-be will love this gift of yours. the red color will complement any of her attire. Let her look seductress with the red lips on her first night.



Every bride-to-be dream to look a sexually attractive woman who sets out to allure and seduces her man. For steaming the things up on the first night a bridal babydoll sleepwear with bobbin lace is the perfect naughty bridal shower gift idea. Sexy sleepwear will help her to arouse her man on the first night. It will be a great gift on the bridal shower.

Bridal showers are for making soon to be bride feel special. Pamper her and make the bridal shower an affair to remember. Give her memories for a lifetime with all our naughty and titillating bridal shower gift ideas. She will be tickled and delighted with all the above gifts.

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