Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 17,2018

A mother is the one who can take the place of all others, But her place no one else in the world can take. Let your mom know that behind all your stories is always her’s story, she is your root and your foundation. Your mother is your first friend, tell her how special she is for you and thanks her for all her support on your wedding and for always sharing her smile, her hugs, her words of encouragement and for all those countless times she had been there for you. The bond between you and your mother is defined by love, there are no words to describe how much she means to you, Make her feel extra special on your wedding with these endearing gifts.

Here is a list of adorable wedding gifts for mom that she will cherish for the rest of he life. So, let's know about them NOW!



The pretty customized embroidered wedding handkerchief is the perfect gift for your mother on your wedding. It is meaningful, personalized and useful at the same time. This embroidered handkerchief will remind your mother of you and the bond you both share whenever she will use it. You can get your marriage date, her name, your name, or maybe a mother quote embroidered on it to give it a personalized touch. With your marriage date embroidered on it, this handkerchief will bring your mother back to your special day every time she sees it even after the wedding is over.



Gift your mom an engraved cutting board tray on your wedding. You can use acacia wood to make this. The personalized cheese board is durable. It is ideal for use as a cheese board, antipasti or cutting board at the same time. Be ready to stun your mother by gifting her, her own personalized cheese board. You can have her name engraved on it or maybe a mother quote to give it a personal touch. Make your mother feel special with this versatile wooden piece.



Surprise your mom with a pampering product. Show your mother how much you love her with a pleasant scent. It will give her a sense of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. The fragrant liquid made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices will give a pleasing smell to your mother's body. Help her maximize her perfume collection and make her feel fresh and energetic whenever she goes out wearing the perfume. Every time she will use it, it’s fragrance will remind her of your The Day.



If your mom is the ultimate coffee lover, This chic floral mom coffee mug will do the trick. It does not matter your mom already has a number of coffee mugs, best mom ever floral coffee mug will bring a smile on her face. There is nothing quite like having a cup of delectable coffee in the morning with the loved ones. Your mother will love the floral print and vibrant hues on the coffee mug.



Jewelry box would be a perfect gift for any mom and one that can be enjoyed all year round. You can have ‘Mom’ with a graphic printed on the outside of the jewelry box. You can use earthenware clay to make the jewelry box. Add a personal note inside the jewelry box stating how special your mom is to you or you can thank her for her unending love, laughter & support on your wedding and all the days of your life. 



Gift her something that will last longer and a thing of beauty she can enjoy for years to come. Give your mom’s home decor a chic edge with super cute face planters. They are perfect for small succulent arrangements or Lilliputians plants. These absolutely adorable little pots will look stylishly flattering in the home decor and your mom will simply love this gift of yours.



Overwhelm your mom with a handwritten thank you note on your wedding stating, “she is the best mom in the world, you are so grateful to have her as a mother, Thank her for always believing in you and for all the support she has given to you”. 

Hope these endearing gifts will bring a big smile on your mom’s face at your wedding. 

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