7 Essential Last Minute Do's for the Groom

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 23,2018
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Brides are the one who gets to hear the most about wedding planning. How to start, what to plan, the last minute checklist and much more - brides used to get a ton of suggestions for their wedding day but what about grooms? They do deserve to be at their best on the wedding day. They do need some advice and guidelines to make their wedding day as special as they want it to be. Hence, here we are with this article wherein all the grooms-to-be will learn about some basic things to do on the wedding day. From waking up early to surprise your bride with a handwritten note, this ultimate to-do list will help you plan your wedding day in the most effective manner.

So, let’s get started.

Wake up early

If you don’t want to see yourself hurrying in every small and big thing at your own wedding, plan early and wake up early. If getting up early in the morning seems tough to you, set an alarm clock. While doing this, set the time at least 40 minutes before you actually need to be up. There is no harm in being ahead of time. In fact, this will give you time to relax and think about your upcoming married life.

Grab a bite in the breakfast

Never skip your breakfast. No matter how busy you are, skipping your breakfast on the wedding day is a clear sign that you will feel lethargic at your own wedding. If you don’t feel like eating a heavy breakfast, just grab a bite of bread or have a cup of coffee. Apart from this, make sure you intake plenty of water to stay hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Be cleanly shaven

No day is as important as your wedding day and you need to understand this well. You might be a person who loves to hang out with a rugged look but this won’t match your wedding attire. On this special day, you will have to be cleanly shaven unless or until there’s a mutual understanding between both of you( you and your bride) that you will carry a full beard. Being clean shave does not mean to stray in a hurry. In Fact, you need to clean up well which includes shaving properly, after shaving, cologne, and wearing a crisp wedding suit. This is the tradition and you should follow it.

Avoid alcohol

Grooms should avoid drinking alcohol on their wedding day. If you really want things to go smoothly, say a big NO to alcoholic drinks on this special day. You are required to be strong with this decision even if they suggest you have a beer or two to calm your nerves. A polite No would be enough.

Surprise your bride

Amid by the last minute do’s, do not forget to surprise your bride. She might be going through a ton of thoughts and the entire drill of looking the best. A little surprise from her groom is all that she needs to feel relaxed and extra special. Alos, make sure you send her a handwritten note telling her how excited you are for the wedding day and that you can’t simply wait to start this new chapter of your life together.

Pack your emergency kit

Who says only brides need to carry an emergency kit. The hours-long wedding function demands due attention and early planning from groom side as well. He too needs to carry general stuff like - an extra tie, mouthwash, extra pair of socks, perfume, and even a chapstick. So, be a decent groom and be ready with everything that you might need during the wedding.

Cross check the wedding rings

Where are the wedding rings - go and personally check that you have them in place. If you have asked your groomsmen to keep them safe, call him and check is he carrying it the way it should be?  There should be no gaffes in this regard.

The Takeaway

These were a few things that you need to follow on the wedding day. Do not hurry and keep smiling. Your bride and your guests would love to see you smiling and enjoying this special day.

Hope this works for you.


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