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Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 02,2018
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When it comes to choosing the best man, the groom preferably asks his close friend or a male relative to stand as his best man at the wedding. However, in some cases, the groom also asks the significant other of one of the bridesmaids if the couple spends a lot of time with him. In either case, if you have been asked to present as the best man, here’s a beginner guide for you.

Learn about the duties and responsibilities you are supposed to perform as a best man during and after the wedding ceremony.

Here’s a list of duties that the best man performs at the wedding:

  • He is the one who serves as the groom's personal adviser before and during the wedding. From scheduling his wedding events to help him pack his honeymoon baggage, the best man tends to be with groom all the time.
  • The best man helps the groom shop for his wedding formalwear. His duty is to buy or rent a perfect wedding outfit for the groom and the groomsmen. Also, for all those friends who are out-of-town and will be traveling for the big celebration day, the best man responsibility is to arrange accommodations.
  • Best man is supposed to host and organize pre-wedding parties that include but certainly not limited to the bachelor party. If you are shying to initiate, do not hesitate to ask for help. Most of the guys don’t mind this duty. In case you are worried about the financial part, try having a party that splits costs among everyone who attends the bash.
  • Another pre-wedding function where best man can be seen performing his duties is the wedding rehearsal dinner. He is invited to attend the rehearsal dinner along with the families of the groom and the bride. The bright side of this function is that you get a chance to figure out how you are supposed to walk down that aisle.
  • He is supposed to stand beside the groom at the altar. It is his responsibility to keep the bride's ring until vows are exchanged. Of all the duties, this is the most challenging. The best man has to find a safe and secure place to place the wedding ring and the wedding band. To avoid getting fumble at the event, place the rings somewhere close to you.
  • Best man coordinates with other groomsmen and triple checks whether they are performing their duties or not.
  • The first witness who signs in the marriage license is the best man. From the bride side, the maid of honor signs as a witness and from the groom side, it’s the best man.
  • The fee that a wedding officiant charges is handed over by the best man. He is responsible to give the officiant a sealed envelope with his or her fee (provided by the groom in advance).
  • When reception begins, the best man name is announced with the maid of honor. Not only this, you are going to dance with both the honor attendant and the bride during the wedding.
  • The best man gives the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception. This is considered as the most frightening duty of the best man. All eyes will be on you..just imagine!!
  • Of all the duties and responsibilities, there comes a not-so-happening duty that you may not like. Here, we are talking about collecting all the envelopes and the gifts from the wedding guests. If you are too close to the groom, he may ask you to deposit the collective amount to their common bank account or keep them intact until they return from their honeymoon.
  • The best man drives the newlyweds to the wedding-night hotel or airport after the reception. Most of the couple drive on their own but in case you are asked to perform this service, make sure you to stay sober throughout the reception.

The Takeaway

This was all about the best man duties and responsibilities before and after the wedding ceremony. In this article, we have tried our level best to cover the most important duties that the best man is supposed to perform at the wedding ceremony. If your best friend has chosen you as his best man, make sure you perform all the duties mentioned above with due respect and love.

Hope this works for you.

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