Tips for a Glowing Wedding Skin

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Dec 20,2017
Bridal Fusion Glowing Wedding Skin

Every girl wants to look at her best on the wedding day. No matter how beautiful you are and what type of skin you have, on the day of the wedding, the aim is to achieve a radiant and flawless skin. If you are planning to get married soon, get started your pre-bridal skincare routine with this guide. Here are some tips that can help you get a beautiful and glowing skin for the D-day.

Let’s get started.


Start Early

The best trick to achieve that flawless wedding glow is to start early. Your skin needs to get prepared for the big celebration day and you need to understand this well. Start adopting good skincare routine at least 6 months before your wedding day. This will help your skin get rid of dead skin cells, pigmentation, and other skin related issues. Hence, start early to get the best results.


Be Regular with Professional Facial Sittings

The wedding is the best excuse to give your skin some extra pampering and care than usual. If you want your skin look refreshing yet flawless on the wedding day, scheduling a facial sitting should be the priority. Regular massage on your skin and scalp from the professionals will help your skin get rid of all the dirt and oil resulting into a skin that every bride-to-be desires. You cannot expect the same results when such facials are done at home under the guidance of non-professional facialists.


Manage Excess Oil for a Shine-Free Face

If the excess oil on your face is stealing your good night’s sleep, it’s time to streamline your skincare routine. Make changes to the face wash that you use for everyday cleansing and skip toner as well. Avoid excessing skin cleansing as it may trigger your oil glands produce more oil. Try to use an oil-free moisturizer to keep your face shine-free on the wedding day.


Drink Plenty of Water

The cheapest source of energy is Water. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day keeps your stomach full, hence, limiting your fast food craving to a decent count. Another benefit of drinking plenty of water is that it keeps your skin hydrated and refresh. No matter what type of skin you have – oily, dry, or a combo – it will love water.


Mind your Meals

While watching your favorite TV show, you opened a packet of potato chips and start popping them into your mouth. Pot 10 minutes, what you are left with is an empty packet and you are shocked that you ate the whole packet. Does this ever happen to you? If yes, you are into a mindless eating habit which you should skip for a healthy skin. We intake food for two reasons; one is for nourishment and other for pleasure. Try to adhere to the food that serves former. Eat superfoods rich in water and essential nutrients.


Take Care of Your Lips

We all know prevention is better than cure, it goes well for your lips too. Experts say it is far easier to prevent your lips getting cracked than repairing them. Taking care of your skin may be your top-most priority but the lips should not be overlooked. From wearing lipsticks and balms containing SPF 30 to using skin friendly lip exfoliator and moisturizers, you’ll need to follow a good lip care routine too.


Shampoo Your Brushes

No matter how careful you are with your skin products, you can still fall in prey to acne and pigmentation if using unwashed makeup brushes again and again. Every time you use an unwashed brush over your face, you add a layer of acne-causing bacteria to your skin. Clean your brushes with a mild shampoo till it is left with no makeup residue This will not only protect your skin from getting acne and pigmentation, it will also help you flaunt your true colors.


The Takeaway

These were a few tips that will help you achieve a flawless wedding glow you are dreaming of. Eating super foods, wear chemical-free make up, and be regular with your pre-bridal salon sittings. This is all you need to look as awesome you are on your big celebration day.

Hope this works for you.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Leave your suggestions in the comment box and we will revert at the earliest.


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