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For every girl, her wedding day is very special, something she has been dreaming about since her childhood. Every bride wants to make her big day as special as possible. Even a tiny detail brings a notable charm and style to the ceremony. These tiny details make everyone stare in wonder and set a magical mood & a sense of style at the wedding.


Unique Wedding Ideas

Every detail matters a lot, if you spend hours on the web finding ideas to make your wedding unique then this piece of writing is for you-


Things To Reflect On Before You Start

You are all set to be artistic and creative, always try to think something that will reflect your personality and your union as a couple. The idea should emphasize the entertainment of your guests. Your wedding is the union of two families, try to incorporate things that will unite the party. Set a theme for the party, color coordinate the wedding attires, mix and match the flowers of bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen bouts, etc. Create an atmosphere which you want with your innovative inspiration. Your wedding is the mirror of your attitude, try to ease the formal feel of the entire event. To reduce the gap with elders, ask them about their ceremony and try to incorporate certain elements in your wedding.  


Innovative Ideas To Style The Wedding

The style and designs of the wedding change every year according to the emerging trends. Barnyards wedding is top on the list of wedding season 2018- old leather boots centerpieces, mossy and brownish color palate, dried flower crowns for bridesmaid are some ideas you can try this year and make your wedding look simple yet inspired. Simplicity is very much in rage this year with the nude shade ivory flower ornamentation and handcrafted guestbook & invitations. Carving on wood is something to set the heart on, give wooden engraved favors to the guests for all their blessings. The way you introduce yourself to the world reflects your bond, write Mr&Mrs or the name initials on napkins, champagne bottles and let the guest know that your love is eternal.


Music-The Perfect Tool To Set The Mood

Music is a source of some phenomenal wedding ideas. It is the perfect gizmo that creates a festive mood and adds life to the event. Everybody has a different taste in music which makes it a versatile tool for entertainment. To scale up the wedding mood let the groom sing a song of his choice for her bride and vice versa. To satisfy the choice of guest in music ask them to reply the invite with the title of their favorite song and later in the wedding ask the orchestra to play the one. Ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen to tap on the music and set the stage on fire. Another musical option to add in the entertainment list is- battle of sexes (in singing or dancing).


Ideas To Make Home Wedding An Unique Affair

If your guest list is short and crisp, home wedding is a great choice. It banks you for money and is much cozier. Give handmade favors to the guests like jam bottles, marmalade bottles, pickle jars, fresh fruit basket. You can read a speech for your family and make them feel special on your special day, let them know how much they people mean to you. For wedding games you can try treasure hunt in the backyard, it will add a fun element in the wedding.


Palatable Wedding Menu

A big and palatable feast is something that makes the wedding unique. Rent a popcorn machine or a cotton candy machine to give the wedding a vim touch. A self-icecream booth will indulge the guest and set the party mood.

Hope our legwork for wedding ideas will help to make your wedding unique and special.

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