How to Keep Your Wedding Makeup Fresh All Day

Author: Pooja Rawat Published on : May 23,2018

Bridal Fusion Wedding Makeup all day

The wedding countdown has begun and you are all set to flaunt the best side of yours on the happiest day of your life. Congratulations! You are getting married to your dream man and you simply cannot wait for that wow moment to happen. Let us help you achieve the same through some effective wedding makeup tips. Get along with us and know how to keep your makeup fresh throughout the wedding day. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, these tips on wedding makeup will help you look flawless on your D-day.

Let’s get started!

Tips & Tricks to Make Wedding Makeup Last All Day Long

Prime it well

Facial primers are one of the most essential elements of wedding makeup. It smoothes texture and minimizes imperfections, which further helps the foundation to set down flawlessly. If you have a dry skin, you can skip this part because applying primer over dry skin will make it drier, hence defeating the purpose. In that case, you can apply a face serum or moisturizer before getting started with your wedding makeup.

Pro Tip: Never apply a primer with your fingers. It can pass the oil present on your fingers to the face. Use a primer brush to serve the purpose and get a smooth finish.

Go with waterproof products

Use products that are waterproof. Doing so, you are ensuring that your eyeliner, mascara, or lip color will not smudge out of their place. So, use high-quality makeup products that are labeled with “Waterproof” and stop worrying about touching your lips, eyes during the wedding. Lesser the chances of smudging, longer the wedding makeup will last. Got the point? Go ahead!

Set it with a setting spray

If wedding makeup helps you enhance your features, setting spray ensures they look so all day long. It is the beauty of this spray that holds all layers of wedding makeup intact. It keeps your makeup waterproof, sweat-proof sealant, and hence giving it a fresh look all day long. This is the best tip to keep your wedding makeup fresh during the wedding ceremony. So, do not forget to apply a few drops of spray - in the form of X, +, or T -  at the end of your wedding makeup.

Avoid Touching & Reapplying

Keeping that flawless look all day long is not easy, but it becomes even worse with a few silly mistakes that most of the bride do on their wedding day. Keep touching their face and reapplying the makeup after regular interval of time, actually defeats the purpose of wedding makeup. While touching can smudge the makeup, reapplying it will make you leave cake-y. To avoid this, keep some blotting sheets with you and avoid the excess oil without disturbing the makeup that’s already there.

Hope these tips wedding makeup tips help you look fresh and charming all day long on your wedding. Let us know how do you find this article. We would love love to hear from you. 

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