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Top 5 Thank You Note Mistakes You Should Avoid to Repeat

Thank You notes are a great way to express the gratitude for your guests who attended your wedding wholeheartedly. They came to shower their blessings on you and it’s your time to pay them back by sending the love-filled Thank You notes. While the main purpose of thank you notes is to recall your guests’ efforts at your wedding, there are some mistakes that can make them upset too. To know what are they and how to avoid them, keep reading and learn about top 5 Thank You note mistakes you should not repeat.

Writing the names incorrectly

No matter how busy were while writing those notes, you simply can not write the names wrong. This is one of the most common Thank You note mistakes that will definitely make your guests frown their brows. So, make sure you write all the names correctly. Use correct salutations for married, unmarried, divorced, widows, and kids. No one should feel neglected on seeing their incorrect name on the Thank You. It simply defeats the purpose.

Being too generous

While drafting those Thank you notes, you might think of going the shortcut way. A way where you can pen down a couple of generic notes and paste them to all of the Thank You notes. Notes like “Thanks for coming”, ‘Thanks for your warm wishes”, Thank You so much for attending my wedding” are too generic to be used for a wedding Thank You. It shows your lack of interest and negligence towards the guests. So, if you really want to thank your guests for their valuable time and wishes, make them feel special. Send them personalized notes and tell them how great you felt with their presence.

Sending them too late

A wedding has certain rules that every couple must abide. Though with the passage of time, we have seen some amendments in those rules the core is still untouched. One of the rules that every wedding comes with is sending the Thank You note timely. According to folklore, a wedding thank you note should be sent within two months of the wedding. In case of emergencies, one can extend the deadline to 3 months max. Any note send after 3 months of the wedding portrays wrong sign. So, avoid going that way and send the notes within 3 months of your wedding.

Mentioning money in the note

No matter what amount your guests have gifted, you cannot thank you them for gifting that amount to you. It’s not the money, but people that come first. You are, no doubt, obliged to receive the money as a wedding gift, but you should not include this term in your Thank You note. It will not look good and may portray a bad impression. Hence, try to focus on the time and efforts made by your guests at your wedding and thank them for this only. They will appreciate it, for sure.

Not handwriting the message

In today’s fast pacing life, we hardly have time to do things manually which no doubt saves times but steal that wow factor as well. The same goes to the printed thank you notes. They may look appealing to the wordings but the missing handwriting section will always reflect in your note. So, even if you are planning to get them printed, make sure you handwrite at least a single line to keep the personal touch factor intact. Your guests won’t mind it.

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