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Top 5 Do’s and Don’t of a Wedding Guest Attire

Attending wedding this season? Well, if you are a woman, you must be struggling with thoughts like “I have nothing to wear”, “What should I wear” and so on. And if you are a guy, you must be ready to smash out your money for the next wedding attire without considering the previous ones that you already have. Well, choosing a dress for a wedding is not easy but did you know what exactly makes it difficult? It’s the lack of planning that makes you choose the wrong clothes for a wedding that supposed to be a formal, semi-formal, or casual by its theme. So, if you just got an invitation to a wedding, go through this blog before taking out your credit card to shop for your next wedding attire, and know the do’s and don’ts of a wedding guest attire.

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  1. Know the theme

Before you plan to buy a dress, make sure to go through the wedding invitation and check if the couple is asking you to wear a specific dress code. This will help you not stand out from the crowd and present in a wedding attire which is actually required.

2. Avoid wearing Black and White

A wedding gives you a lot options to experiment with except two – a black and a white color. These two colors, though hold separate value, should be avoided to wear in a wedding. Black being the color of curse & hatred and White being the color of the bride, must be dropped while attending a wedding.

3. Do not wear jeans

No matter how casual the wedding theme is, you must not wear jeans to a wedding as it will reflect your careless and too lazy nature towards traditional functions. If the theme is casual, grab a less formal wedding attire that includes maxi dresses, midis but not denims.

4. Don’t think about over-the-top attire

You might have bold clothes in your wardrobe and the coming wedding might seem a golden opportunity to showcase your bold attire but hold on! A wedding is more about the bride and less about you and your outfit. Don’t go bold as it may divert some attention to you but in a negative way.

5. Consider the weather

If you are attending an outdoor wedding, make sure your clothes help you bear it effectively. You should not feel to be trapped in clothes under a hot sunny day. Similarly, you should not force your body to shiver in a chilly winter evening. Wear dress that can keep you comfortable for a whole day.

So, these were a few basic things that you should know about the wedding guest attire. So, next time you get a wedding invitation, do recall these do’s and don’ts to avoid any wedding attire disaster. Always remember, you are invited to a wedding not to showcase your outfits but to shower your blessings to the newly married couple. So, try to be as subtle as you can in the wedding because no one is going to gaze you but the bride and the groom. However, your unusual wedding guest attire may put you in trouble. So, choose an attire wisely and enjoy the wedding day.

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