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Things You Need to Know About the Bridal Spray Tan

Gone are the days when pale, white skin of the bride is considered as the prettiest thing about her beauty. Nowadays, women make their body tanned to get that super sexy look that can kill hearts even on the wedding day. So, if you are a bride-to-be who is planning to ditch the pale white look on the wedding day, then be with us in this blog and know how to get the same with minimal efforts.

Here, we are talking about the bridal spray tan that can make a bride look simply stunning in a plain white gown. If you already know a bit about the bridal spray tans, boost your knowledge with this ultimate spray tan guide for brides. And if you know nothing about the spray tans, let us help do that. This blog will introduce some of the essential elements of the bridal spray tans that every bride-to-be must know about. So, let’s get started!


Bridal Spray Tan: The Basics

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Spray tanning is a kind of self-tanning where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body to get that perfect tanned look. Spray tan ensures that you get the tanned look without exposing your body under harmful sun rays. Spray tanning is usually done by a Spray tan machine on which the tanning liquid is poured. Under the guidance of experts, a perfect spray is prepared that matches your skin tone without making it too orange or scaly. Once prepared, the tan spray is made to spray evenly on the entire body, leaving the knees, elbows, eyebrows, and other sensitive areas. Ater proper application of a spray tan, you get a perfect tanned look which is good to go for your wedding day.

Things to Remember

  • It is quintessential to find the right spray tan professional for your big day. A single negligence from your side and you may end up looking too orange or scaly, hence defeating the purpose. So, take your time and research professional spray tan salons that have specialization in bridal tanning.
  • Do not argue with your specialist about the color and density of the spray unless or until you are a master of getting a spray tan on your body.
  • Make sure you have a decent schedule for the spray tan sessions. Do not assume that a full body spray tan on a day before the wedding can serve the purpose. To get the perfect tan that suits your skin tone, you need to undergo a few trials days before the wedding. So keep this in mind.
  • Scheduling the spray tan does not mean that you will spray on an already spray-tanned body. Always go by the rules that say, you must give your body sufficient time to go natural after the spray tan session. There is no point in tanning your body over the already spray-tanned residues. It will only make it scaly.
  • Once you are done with the spray tan session, so wait for a shower. The ideal gap between the spray tan session and the shower should be at least 12-15 hours. This ensures, the spray does not lose its essence and stays intact after several showers.

Wrapping Up

As you are now open to bridal spray tan and its usage, go for the one that suits your skin tone. Always remember, the sole purpose of getting a bridal spray tan is to ditch the plain white look and not looking over scaly or orange. Get some professional spray tan service on your side and rule your special day.
Hope this works for you.

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